Liquid and Revolution EHR Software: A Guide For Optometrists

Liquid and Revolution EHR Software: A Guide For Optometrists

Optometry tools are gaining popularity nowadays as optometrists are eager to nurture improved customer experiences. The specialized optometry EHR optimizes and supercharges business operations. It cuts down tedious tasks, saving money and lowering administrative hassle. However, with an incapable optometry solution, things can dramatically go wrong.

The two best-overall optometry EHR platforms are Revolution Insight and Liquid software. These offer impressive clinical services keeping physicians focused on delivering superior quality care. They run on optometric interfaces to turn down the hassle of handling patient intakes and encounters. In addition, the Liquid EHR and Revolution EMR are strict in their promises and ensure integrity in clinical operations. 

Get detailed insights into both solutions by reading this guide until the end. 

Liquid EHR

Liquid EMR is a powerful solution, and thousands of eye care leaders rely on that. This cutting-edge solution is designed by optometrists and cuts down time spent on clinical operations. The vendor is skillfully crafted in conduction with the evolving needs of the eyecare industry by a group of forward-looking optometrists. The multi-use, multi-office access of Liquid EHR empowers physicians to deliver improved care confidently. 

Liquid EHR Features:

A thorough glance at the features of Liquid EHR will help you undermine the excellence associated with this software. All the specs of Liquid EMR are customizable and adaptable. The feature portfolio of this industry-leading platform includes the following functionalities:

Mailing List Generator

Audit Trails

Workflow Systems

Document Management

Compliance Checks

 Integrated E-Prescribing

Configurable Exam Records

Data Access Control

Audit Logs

The Optometry-specific tools of Liquid EHR software comprise:

Historical Iop Charts

Drawing Tools

Built-In Eye Charts

Frames Data Integration 

Image Management.

Optometry-specific Modules of Liquid EHR

The Liquid EHR encompasses an exceptional feature range optometrist can never imagine getting hands-on with. Here lie the details:

Meaningful Use Compliant Features:

It comprises general clinical tools and services to improve care quality. The general criteria module works to keep track of allergy and medication lists. These lists are then used for the following purposes:

Run drug-drug, drug-allergy interaction, and drug formulary checks

Generate patient lists

Evaluate smoking status

Incorporate laboratory test results

Conduct medication reconciliation

Record and chart vital signs

Besides that, it includes public health surveillance, patient-specific education resources, and medication submission to immunization registries. 

Ambulatory Domain Criteria:

Then it features an ambulatory care module. This module of Liquid EMR is of great significance and packs quality services such as:

Computerized provider order entry

Electronic prescribing

Record demographics

Patient reminders

Clinical decision support

Clinical summaries

Patient summary record

Ambulatory Clinical Quality Measures:

Liquid EHR software works in accordance with clinical quality measures. It goes to such an extent just to ensure patients get an accurate diagnosis. The services in this module are:

Adult Weight Screening

Childhood Immunization Status

Youth Weight Assessment

Primary Open Angle Glaucoma

Diabetic Retinopathy

Diabetes Eye Exam



Preventive Care


Liquid EHR Pricing:

A common misconception about Liquid EMR is its pricing plans must be too much to afford. . But Liquid EHR keeps its pricing simple. The Liquid EHR offers two pricing plans that are:

In-office plan costing $199 / month. 

Cloud-based plan costing $299 / month. 

An awe-inspiring fact about the pricing bundles of Liquid EHR is they pack technical support, step-up, training, online support, and maintenance services within. So you have nothing to worry about. 

RevolutionEHR Insight

Revolution EMR is a patient-centered optometry solution that allows optometrists to focus on their patients. This web-based solution has got practices covered with its multi-facility support. Using it, you can leverage data-driven insights to improve patient care. Our review shows Revolution EMR stays on top of the CMS guidelines. 

Revolution EHR Features

The users of RevolutionEHR Insight benefit from its unprecedented feature range. Likewise, you will benefit from implementing this vendor, for it provides a series of impeccable optometry-specific services. In addition, this leading cloud-based solution offers a well-defined feature range. 

The optometry-based tool set of Revolution EMR is labeled as Optical and comprises. 


Label Printing

Product Catalog


Eyedock Integration

Vsp Billing Estimator


Contact Lens Parameter Validation

Distribution Center Management

Framesdata Integration

Bar Code Scanning

Order Status Tracking

Visionweb Integration

Modules of Revolution EMR:

RevolutionEHR Insight being a leading optometry platform, offers a well-crafted feature portfolio.  According to our review, the features of Revolutionary EMR are divided into the following categories.


Revolution encompasses a rigorous ONC-ATCB certified EHR to simplify data entry by pulling forward previous test results of patients. Its default test findings are fully customizable, which will help you draft data-driven treatment plans. It further includes:

Exam Encounters

Access To Historical Exam Data

Documents And Imaging Management

Automated Referral Letters 

Patient Education Resources

Drawing Tools

Auto-Coding Engine

Integrated Optical Rx Creation

Cpt Triggers

Instant Invoice Creation

Fda Medication Database


Refractive Device Integration

Configurable Care Plan Library

Master Problem List

Practice Management System

Next RevolutionEHR Insight offers a robust PM module to handle complex administrative operations. This EHR-centric module comprises the following tools and services:



Patient Recall Lists

Claims Submissions 

Integrated Clearinghouses

Sha-256 Encryption

Product Catalog

Document Management

Letters Generation

User-Specific Access And Restrictions

Pre-Built And Configurable Reports

Patient Data Management

Intra-Office Task Management

Marketing And Sales Suite

Optical Inventory Management 

Personal Health Record

It is a mobile-compatible patient-physician portal enhancing care coordination assuring smooth patient information below. Using it, you and your patients can get the following:

Secure Patient Access

Secure Patient Messaging

Access To Order Status

Online Patient History Entry

Account Balance Access

Online Appointment Scheduling Tools

Revolution EMR Pricing:

Now we will review the cost structure of Revolution EMR. This vendor is reasonably priced and thus easily affordable for all. Its monthly subscription fee starts at $299. But here’s the thing, RevolutionEHR Insight charges an upfront set-up fee. Data conversion by Revolution EMR also comes at a price. Here 

Liquid EHR vs RevolutionEHR

All things aside, Liquid EHR software makes its mark by offering free-of-cost set-up and data conversion. The feature range of both vendors are second to none. They are loaded with tons of intuitive functionalities. But as Liquid EHR software comes at a low price and offers almost the same services as revolution EMR, it is a better option, especially for practices tight on budget.

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