Few Best Streaming Platform You Need to Follow

Few Best Streaming Platform You Need to Follow

A streaming platform like 9anime app is a system of online entertainment sources that allows us to play films or TV programs on your phone, TV or computer directly from your internet. For example, like netflix, amazon prime video, disney,  youtube etc. We know about others’ life experiences on those streaming platforms. Here are some streaming platforms that you should know.


Netflix is the biggest platform of streaming to know about social media. This platform’s headquarters is in Los Gatos, california. Netflix had 230 million subscribers worldwide. It is a subscription based streaming source that allows us to watch TV shows, movies, documentaries on an internet connected device like phone, computer or TV. Based on your plan, you can download the TV shows or movies on it. As a Netflix member you should pay an amount once a month on the date you signed up.

Amazon prime video:

This is also a big platform of streaming. Amazon prime video is an american subscription video on demand over the top streaming sources. Its headquarters is in Seattle, Washington, United states. You can watch movies, shows, sports anytime, anywhere in add-free. It is also known as prime video.


Disney streaming platform has hundreds of movies and TV shows. It was founded in 2015, in Chelsea Market, Manhattan, New York City and CEO is Michael paul. Disney platform is one of the best streaming platforms that should be known to you. You can get disney for free with jio Fiber plans.


Hulu is an american streaming subscription which also has many movies, sports, TV shows etc. It was launched on October 29, 2007 in japan. Hulu has 47.2 million subscribers worldwide as of October 1, 2022. We can also see instagram posts and videos from Hulu.

You Tube:

Most people use YouTube on their phone or computer. It is also the biggest streaming platform you need to follow. Today we all love to play youtube more or less. We do most of the stuff on you tube. There are so many things that we can learn from this platform.


Peacock streaming service is also a streaming platform. It has three tires of service free, premium and premium plus. The premium tires have a full library of contents while the free tires are a subset of contents. It launched July 15, 2022. This service has reached 25 million subscribers as of December,2022. We can watch hit shows, live sports, and blockbusters films etc. Peacock is free for users, there is no credit card required, just need an email address and password to log in and enjoy your own way.

Fubo TV:

This is a new platform which can fresh your boring day to make it shiny and enjoyable, it is Fubo TV. It is a more expensive channel but it has the best opportunity that can make your day. It has 101 channels. It offered a seven days free trial for new users.


If you want to know the best streaming platforms benefits, you can visit the sites of Netflix, Disney, You Tube, Fubo TV atleast weeks in a year. Here we can know about all kinds of news daily. They are useful in many ways in our daily life, like whenever we want to do something or watch something, these services help us as well as they can do.

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