Benefits of Lifeguarding and swimming for children

Benefits of Lifeguarding and swimming for children

Lifeguard and swimming 

Lifeguard recertification and swimming is one of the most widespread activities and sports in the world, and in addition to being a sport that requires physical effort and competitions are held on a global and wide level, it is also a source of great pleasure for many non-athlete people, as it maintains the fitness and health of the body.

And provides a beautiful social atmosphere It is enjoyable for children and adults, which enables them to make new friends and fill the void while benefiting them on mental and physical health, in addition to that, it is considered one of the activities with few risks and side effects for its practitioners, hence the interest of parents in teaching this sport to their children is desirable, and many educational centers By adopting it as either a basic activity or a complementary activity for the educational and educational system, and this article will talk about the benefits of lifeguard swimming for children.

Benefits of Lifeguard training and swimming for children Children need at least 60 minutes of kinetic and aerobic exercise every day , and these exercises are not required to be routine, obligatory, or heavy on the child. Rather, the child’s movements full of fun, play, and movement are among these exercises, and therefore swimming is a suitable example for that. And the child can either do swimming training sessions with an organized team led by a coach who brings them to professionalism, or he can swim without scheduled obligations with anyone as if it is an enjoyable hobby that he spends his time from time to time. 

Here are the benefits of Lifeguard and swimming for children:

Swimming builds the body in a distinctive and healthy way and stimulates the growth of muscles, bones and tissues. Swimming strengthens memory, increases intelligence, and gives clarity of mind. Swimming in salty water like the sea gives benefits to the skin. Swimming reduces the possibility of stress and frustration in the future. Asthma patients find significant improvement with swimming exercises. 

Swimming reduces the risks of infections in the body and increases immunity, regulation and strength. Maintain mental and physical flexibility. Important points to pay attention to when swimming Each field has instructions and warnings that must be taken before embarking on it, and swimming is one of the most important sports that those who want to practice it must take these points, and the points aim to alert the individual on how to maintain safety from possible accidents, and also aim to benefit and exploit the benefits of swimming for children and adults Both, and the following will be mentioned the most important points.

You must ensure the ability to swim before entering the pool or going down in shallow places, under the supervision of a trainer. Choosing suitable places for swimming and free of risks, especially when swimming in the sea or beaches. Do some aerobic exercises to warm up and tone your muscles before going swimming. Pay attention not to leave children unattended when swimming. 

For beginners in swimming, it is advised not to stress, especially in places reserved for professionals. You must drink water continuously during swimming or any exercise to prevent dehydration during the exerted effort.

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